Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Meaning of Lavender Roses - Enchanting Grace and Irresistible Charm

The purple rose is an expression of enchantment and love at first sight. Many lovers continually expression their true intentions of love with lavender roses. The purple rose is a great way to intertwine your emotions of love with a beautiful and striking flower. The undeniable appeal of a bouquet of purple roses can make an unforgettable gift! The whimsical, spring time feel of lavender roses can make anyone feel like a kid again. The purple rose also can have meanings of majesty and royalty. Since purple is a color of splendor and glory, it is no wonder that the purple rose has also gained this meaning.

The purple rose is a flower that has been developed to express new emotions in flowers. The many different significances of the lavender rose makes it a popular rose among flower lovers. A purple rose bouquet is a gift of admiration, meaning that the giver is overcome of feelings of love and romance for the recipient. Purple roses also pay tribute to characteristics such as royalty and honor. It it the only rose that carries this meaning. Blue roses have also been connected to the purple rose and it's symbolism. Since blue roses do not occur naturally, it's closest relative, the purple rose, has been subject to meanings of the blue rose as well - mysterious and unattainable. The impossibility and wonder of a purple rose bouquet will enchant anyone you send them too!

Besides the red rose, expressing our deepest feelings of love and sensuality is undeniably best represented by purple roses. If you want to express feelings of enthrallment, especially at first sight, than giving the unique and extraordinary lavender rose will definitely tell them how you feel. Valentine's day or anniversaries are great holidays to send a purple rose bouquet to your loved ones. With their many alternate meanings, the lavender rose is a great gift for almost any occasion, no matter what messages you wish to send. That special someone won't be able to resist the sweet and thoughtful gift of a dozen purple roses.

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