Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top Ten Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Scientific name: Lavendula Augustifolia. Lavender is perhaps the most well-known and least understood of the essential oils. Practically everyone knows that lavender is great for burns, but few understand that there are over 30 (some say 40) different species of lavender and that many of the lavender essential oils are not even lavender, they are lavenda essential oils (smell similar, very cheap to produce, and containing very few if any of the healing properties of true lavender). The best lavender essential oil is from true lavender plants (Lavendula Augustifolia, previously known as Lavendula Officinalis Vera {Vera optional}) grown at altitudes of 5,000 feet or higher. This is the truly universal oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial (being currently tested against MRSA), antimicrobial, hormone balancing, skin cell regenerating, diuretic, muscle feeding, histamine blocking, anti-fungal, and overall body tonic essential oil! A true, pure lavender essential oil will contain properties that will affect all ten of the body's systems and still be gentle enough to use with a newborn baby (remember to dilute appropriately 0-2 years 1 drop essential oil to 3 drops carrier oil, 2-3 years 50/50 dilution, 3+ no dilution needed), earning it the name of The Universal oil.

1. The first oil to grab for any kind of burn. If the burned area is large and tender to the touch you may want to add 5-10 drops of lavender to one ounce of purified water in a spray bottle, shake well (and often) and spray the burnt area.

2. Reduces scarring and assists in removing old scars. Simply apply to the affected area several times a day. If you are preventing a scar from forming you have the added bonus of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties!

3. Insect repellant and great for bites and stings. It soothes the wound, calms the emotions, reduces any inflammation, and has an antihistamine affect. (Note: if you have a known life-threatening allergy to stings please visit the emergency room, but go ahead and apply the lavender oil on the way.) You can also use it in a sachet to repel bugs that may be hiding out in your dresser or closet.

4. Not only is lavender great for all skin issues, it has the double benefit of addressing hormonal imbalance skin issues (not just acne, but any way the hormone imbalance may present itself, psoriasis, rashes, cold sores, even boils). While you are using it on your skin it is also prevents wrinkles, scars, and encourages skin cell regeneration!

5. Diffuse lavender in a sick room, it relaxes both the patient and the caregiver, strengthens the immune system, and it cleanses the air. A great disinfectant, it was carried by soldiers and medics in World War I and II to use on wounds.

6. Assists in reducing the pain associated with migraine or tension headaches. Apply to the back of the neck, temples, and tops of the ears to relax the muscles and the emotions and thus reduce (or eliminate) the headache. Also great for emotional imbalances, mood swings, and depression that often accompany headaches.

7. A drop or two applied to the pulse points of the wrists can drop high blood pressure or calm someone who is overexcited. Great for use before visiting the doctor, not only will it protect you from any germs you may be exposed to, but it will also help calm any fears you may experience by being there. Also great to use before visiting the dentist. You can even apply it directly to a toothache and it will help relieve the pain there!

8. Great for insomnia! Add 5-8 drops to 1/4 cup Be Young Starflake Bath salts (highly crystalized bath salts that are great for absorbing essential oils), then add to a tub of water, soak for 20 minutes (or more), rinse off (because the soak will bring toxins out of the body and to the skin and you do not want to reabsorb them) and you will be ready for bed. Don't want to soak? Put a drop on the back of the neck, temples, and tops of the ears. Add 5-10 drops to one ounce of water in a spray bottle, shake well and often and lightly spray your pillow, bed linens, or just spray around the bedroom. This also works well as "Monster spray" to scare away the monsters who are keeping your little ones from sleeping. It will calm their emotions and allow them to relax and go to sleep.

9. Great for any respiratory challenges, clears mucus, calms spasms, even aids in stopping an asthma attack or in dealing with hay fever challenges. Take a whiff; apply to the chest and under the nose.

10. Marvelous for muscle aches and pains, it feeds the muscles by increasing nitric oxide in the body (a free radical, one of those marvelous chemical molecules produced during lightning storms that makes the world so fresh and alive afterwards); this enables the muscles to perform with more strength. Additionally, it reduces inflammation and muscle spasms.

*Only use essential oils internally that are truly 100% pure, such as Be Young oils. Oils that are cut or synthetic can have dangerous side effects if used internally. Always error on the side of caution and use common sense.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Magnificent Lavender Oils Loaded With Therapeutic Uses

Lavender oils are nature's blessing. Integrating booming qualities, this essential oil is serving the mankind in amazing way. There are loads of benefits which are associated with oil and a aid to manage skin and health related issues.Lubricants are very necessary and vital in our life as they can cause movement. These are great source of lubricants and provide the smoothness which is also coupled with the benefits of curing many things. Since ancient times our forefathers highly focused on the advantages which are integrated in these. Though not sticky, but essential oils are keys to cure many illness and health related issues.

Essentials oils are used in aromatherapy to take care of health and skin. Great benefits can be tapped from the oils as there are great way to take care. There are varieties of essential oils which are available in the market having their own unique qualities in them. Amongst many, lavender oil is versatile oil as it is most widely used in aromatherapy and also in perfumes due to the fragrance. lavender oil also has great therapeutic benefits. The oil is extracted using flower of lavender Augustinian. The source of extraction is pure and natural which can be safely used.

The aroma of lavenders help in gaining relaxation and also calm downs anxiety. Though there are essential oils which are extracted using plants which are nurtured using pesticides but such oils have no therapeutic advantages. High quality therapeutic grade lavender oil is pure and natural helping to cure from tension, stress and headaches. The oil is laced with amazing benefits, as it is pain reliever, maintains body balance, smoothing agent and also cure ailments.

The multiple purpose lavender oil is desired due the magic which is present in it. Inhalation of 2-3 drops of pure lavender oil help in curing headaches and fight against cough and cold. The oil is good checker of health and blood circulation. Lavender oil is blessed with the qualities of antiseptic. It provides complete relief from minor burns, injuries, insect bites etc. Beside it is also a source to keep insects and bugs at bay. Smearing this oil on body can manage scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles.

The entire day you would remain fresh and energetic, if few drops of lavender oils are mixed in the bathing water. The natural oil is safest and is highly effective against stretch marks during pregnancy. Few drops of this oil on the pillow ensure good sleep. Magnificence of the lavender oil has made it to rule to the heart of every user which craves for beautiful skin and perfect health.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tips of Home Usage of Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils have become an important part of our well-being. We use numerous types of essential oils for different purposes on daily basis. One of the most popular oil praised for its soothing fragrance and medicinal properties is Lavender oil. This multi-purpose oil is helpful in reducing anxiety, fatigue and stress, improve blood pressure, increase immune response and in curbing pain. Lavender essential oil is analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and has anti-tumor properties.

Lavender oil should not be applied directly to the skin. To utilize the benefits of Lavender oil at home, dilute it by mixing 10 drops of oil with an ounce of jojoba oil or unscented lotion. Listed below are few tips on home usage of Lavender essential oil:

Headaches: The best way to treat headaches using Lavender oil is to inhale it. Add few drops of this to a bowl of warm water and breathe by bringing your face close to the bowl and covering it with a towel. You can also use diluted lavender oil on forehead and base of the neck to get relief from headaches.

Colds: Lavender essential oil can help in curing cold and removing cough. According to aroma-therapists, regular use of essential oils such as Lavender can help keep away cold and other viral or infectious diseases. You can also add few drops of the oil in a vaporizer to clear cold.

Stress: Lavender oil is very effective in removing stress and depression. Just before sleeping at night, a warm water bath mixed with six to eight drops of Lavender oil can help in melting away stress and removing fatigue. Dip your leg in a bowl of warm water mixed with three drops of the oil and relax. For toddlers, apply a drop of Lavender massage oil below their feet to calm them. If you have problem in sleeping add two or three drops of this at the corner side of your pillow and get a good sleep.

Ear-aches: For treating ear-aches, dab one drop of diluted lavender oil behind the ear and rub gently. You can also place a cotton ball dipped with one drop of this at the outer area of the ear.

While using Lavender essential oil at home, you should make sure that you use it with proper dilution. If you are pregnant, have asthma, or you are allergic to things, you should take doctor's advice before using the oil.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Natural Beauty Products: Lavender and Why You Need It

All sorts of natural beauty products use lavender essential oil as one of their main ingredients, from soap, to cleanser, face cream and shampoo. It's easy to assume that this is a fragrance issue, that lavender is included in these products because of its scent, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Modern chemical trials have shown that there's a lot more to lavender than just the smell.

The power of lavender seems to have been known from ancient times. Lavender ointments were discovered in Egyptian tombs, and lavender is mentioned in the Bible under its original name of nard. Roman soldiers traveled with lavender and bathed in it for its antiseptic properties and because it repels insects. Far from being the unpleasantly aromatic place we imagine, the ancient world may actually have smelled of lavender and other sweet smelling herbs!

The invading Romans brought lavender from the Mediterranean to the UK and over time the plant became associated with English country gardens, in fact the best and most aromatic lavender essential oils are said to come from what is now known as English lavender.

Throughout the centuries, lavender has been a popular scent and a popular remedy. Queen Victoria enjoyed lavender and in World War I it was used in hospitals as other, more conventional products were difficult to obtain. Modern studies of the benefits of lavender oil had begun just a few years before. Rene Gattefosse, a member of one of the great perfume 'families' of France, studied not just the perfumes and essential oils, but their medicinal effects. When, in July 1910, he was badly burned in a fire, he made note that his skin was covered with a 'rapidly expanding gas gangrene.' Having researched lavender for 3 years, he plunged his damaged skin into lavender oil. He noticed that it not only healed quickly, it stayed free from infection and left no scar. Gatefosse went on to become the founder of aromatherapy.

Recent studies have shown that lavender essential oil is extremely beneficial in many ways: as an anti bacterial, an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. Although all substances can cause allergies, allergic reactions to lavender appear to be extremely rare, making it an ideal ingredient for natural beauty products. Lavender is one of the few essential oils which can be applied to the skin directly without first being diluted.

These days English lavender, or lavandula angustifolia (narrow leafed lavender) is famous world wide for its very sweet scent and the power of its essential oil, but there are many products around which are merely lavender scented, how can you be sure that you have a genuine lavender product with all its associated skin care benefits?

Always check the label for ingredients, avoid those with long chemical names and look for 'lavandula augustifolia' or 'organic lavender extract', then you can be sure you're buying natural beauty products which include pure essential oils.