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Aromatherapy For Your Pets!

The Uses of aromatherapy for your pets is very similar to how we use essential oils with aromatherapy for ourselves, plus it is environmentally friendly. If your pet has something wrong with it, whether it is your dog, cat, birds or whichever pet you might have the benefits are all the same.

If you are having problems with Flea’s in your house or around where your animal sleeps, this methord will help and is much cheaper than the commercial remedies that you can by in a department store. The best part about using this natural way, you know these environmentally friendly products will work and has no harmful chemicals in it that could harm your animals.

To have environmentally friendly carpets try using this aromatherapy home recipe, add 2.5mls of all of these essential oils citronella, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint. Add these oils to 250ml of bicarbonate of soda and mix the ingredients in a bowl, then put in a jar, seal it, and leave it to stand for about 2 days before using.

For a friendly house for everyone try this ANTI-FLEA CONCENTRATE. Use 5mls of all these oils, citronella, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint. Add these oils to 60mls of vodka or brandy shake the ingredients in a glass bottle.

To make environmentally friendly solutions for flea spray, add 10 drops of the anti-flea concentrate that you have made to 250mls of water, put in a spray bottle, and mix.

Instead of expensive flea collars try this instead, it works fantastically. Soak your pet’s collar in some anti-flea concentrate that you made, take it out, let it dry, then put it back on your pet. Do this every month.

Aromatherapy is great for making environmental products like flea shampoo too. To make the flea shampoo all you need to do is add 2 drops of the anti flea concentrate mixture to 30 mls of shampoo and mix.

Now you know all the recipes this is the best way to prevent flea problems.
Wash all the blankets and bedding and add 1 teaspoon of anti-flea concentrate to the final rinse.
Spray the air spray around where ever your pets sleep lay.
Sprinkle the carpet powder over the carpet every 2 nights and leave it there overnight and vacuum in the morning. Do this for two weeks straight to eliminate the problem and then maybe once a week for prevention.
Keep shampooing your pets regularly to eliminate the fleas and then just do as usual once a week.
Once the animal is dry after their bath, and the collar is dry put the collar back on.
Then the last thing is just spray the air spray on the animal 2-3 times a week rubbing it into the fur, (this is not suggest for cats).

Here are some more uses for some other conditions that might be of help.

For abscesses Use 1 drop of tea tree oil, put it on the abscess 2 times a day until it has completely healed.
For arthritis use 4 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of lavender. Blend all the oils in 20mls of carrier oil and massage into the affected area.

For Coughs & Colds, you can use different methods, you can make up a spray for room, use in a burner, or make up a warm compress if the animal is really in distress, and put it on their chest and back. With all of these methods use 4 drops of eucalyptus and lavender oils.

For Skin Problems like dermatitis, eczema or mange, mix these ingredients into 20mls of carrier oil, 4 drops Chamomile, 4 drops lavender. Mix altogether, then using cotton wool dab onto affected areas regularly.

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