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Lavender Oil - An Amazing Variety of Uses

Lavender oil has long been valued not only for its fresh, sweet smell, but also for its therapeutic properties. Its history goes back at least as far as the Roman Empire where lavender was used to freshen the wash water and the oil was used to treat battle wounds. In modern times lavender oil has many uses from aromatherapy to scent for bath products. Learn about this amazing natural substance from plant to product.

What is it? - Lavender oil is the essential oil of a lavender plant, derived from the stalks (peduncles) and flowers. The plant material is subjected to a steam distillation process that yields lavender hydrosol and oil.

Where does it come from? - Lavender grows well in a wide variety of climates and can be found in many parts of the world. It grows wild in several Mediterranean countries, and there are many lavender farms in this area. Provence, France is famous for its lavender farms and festivals. Other large production locales include Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

How is it used? - The wide variety of uses for this remarkable oil is truly astonishing, but can be grouped into two broad categories: Therapeutic and Scents.

Therapeutic Applications - Lavender is probably the most common essential oil used in aromatherapy, which is an alternative health treatment that makes use of essential oils. Breathing the aroma of lavender has been shown to have a calming effect on many people and is often used for insomnia. The aroma is often distributed using a diffuser or burner, but you can enjoy the benefits by simply placing a few drops of lavender oil in your bath water or in a cotton ball to sit on your nightstand.

Lavender oil has pain killing properties and provides temporary relief from aching joints. Rubbing the oil directly into can help ease childhood "growing pains" or even mild arthritis.

The antibiotic properties of lavender make the oil a great natural choice for preventing infection in minor cuts and burns. Simply apply the oil directly to the wound and appreciate both the pain killing and germ killing effects.

Lavender Scent - Lavender has an especially sweet scent and the oil has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years as an enjoyable aroma. The scent of lavender can be found in many products, from soaps and lotions to air fresheners. Lavender is a favorite aroma in spas, and is a major component of many massage oils and facial creams. Lavender sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are wonderful ways to exfoliate the skin while enjoying the relaxing aroma.

These uses for lavender oil are but a few of the many ways that one can take advantage of the wonderful aroma and health benefits. It truly is one of the simple blessings of nature.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cooking with Culinary Lavender

Have you tried whole grains with culinary lavender? Whole grains are making a comeback, and their advantages in terms of health and environmental conservancy are well known. However, to many palates accustomed to refined flour, whole grains seem tasteless and heavy. By using our Culinary Lavender, you can create healthy, satisfying meals that taste - and smell - delicious. Adding Lavender Lemon Pepper or Italian Seasoning with Lavender to your whole grains is the key to making nutritious meals that your entire family will love.

Why are Whole Grains So Beneficial?

Natural grains consist of three parts - the germ, the bran, and the endosperm. White rice, flour, and other refined grains are made by processing endosperm and discarding the bran and germ. The endosperm consists almost entirely of starch, while minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other healthy substances are found in the bran and germ. Although the endosperm has a milder taste and softer texture, adding culinary lavender to whole grains makes them just as appealing as refined grains - or even more so!

Using Culinary Lavender to interest your family in whole grains is also environmentally friendly. Nearly one third of every bushel of grain is discarded in the refining process. By using whole grains, you are extending the usefulness of every acre of grain that is planted.

What does Culinary Lavender Add to Your Meal?

Culinary Lavender looks and smells wonderful, but it also does more than just make whole grains more appetizing. Culinary Lavender has been known since Roman times for its soothing and healing properties. A pinch of Italian Seasoning with Lavender in your rice can relieve dizziness, or some Lavender Lemon Pepper mixed with whole grain flour for a fish batter can ease the pain of headaches as well as tasting great.

How Can I Use Culinary Llavender with Whole Grains?

Here are some suggestions for using Culinary Lavender while cooking with whole grains:

· Add Italian Seasoning with Lavender to homemade whole grain pastas, or use it to spice up your spaghetti sauce when cooking store bought whole grain pasta.

· Bake whole wheat breads with a touch of Culinary Lavender, to add a hint of alluring flavor to your loaves.

· Sprinkle Lavender Lemon Pepper over your stone-ground whole grain grits in the morning.

· Make a spicy topping for your whole wheat bread using a mixture of garlic, olive oil, and Italian Seasoning with Lavender.

· Use whole grain flour mixed with Lavender Lemon Pepper as a batter dip for fried vegetables, fish, and chicken fingers.

· Crush some Culinary Lavender with raw sugar, and sprinkle it over your whole grain oatmeal for breakfast.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Is So Great About Lavender Soap?

If you've never used lavender soap before, the first thing you are going to notice is the crisp, clean fragrance. Lavender gives off a sweet, floral overtone that makes it a favorite soap ingredient. You may not know it, but lavender soap isn't just used to wash the body. The essential oils that lavender produces are made into washing detergents, dishwashing and even floor soaps. And lavender isn't just known for its scent. It also helps to promote relaxation, which is why using it in your home can help to create a very peaceful environment.

How Does it Clean?

We've already established the great smells that helps you to relax, but how well does it actually clean? Well, according to the Entomology Research Institute of Loyola College, lavender oil possesses powerful antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties that make it perfect for aiding in insect bite healing and sunburns. Basically, any soap that contains lavender essential oils can be used for healing skin infections. Lavender's antibacterial properties also make it a great remedy for scabies and eczema.

Lavender has long been used to cure various ailments. It's even a great anti-inflammatory, as it helps to promote new cell growth. When you put essential oils, or even soap, on your skin, you will begin healing right away and you will even prevent scars from forming.

Lavender and Stress Relief

When you use lavender soap, you can actually help to relieve your anxiety and stress. That's right. According to Psychology Today, there was a study done by Charles Stuart University in Australia that showed how lavender actually changes our brainwaves and helps to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation. That means you can use the lavender soap right before bedtime to get a restful sleep. It can also be used on small children to help them relax if they, too, are anxious or too rambunctious.

Many Uses for Lavender Soaps

Lavender isn't just used in soap. It's also used in teas and it's heavily used in aromatherapy to help promote stress-relief and anxiety-relief. But you may not know that it's used to repel fleas. Soaps that contain lavender essential oils can be used to not only repel fleas, but kill them. You can even put a few drops of lavender into your pet's shampoo as a safe and effective flea treatment.

Anti-Aging Properties

Lavender is also used in anti-aging treatments. Since lavender helps to promote new cell growth, you can actually reverse time on your skin. Lavender soaps leave your skin feeling soft and clean, and they neutralize dry and oily skin at the same time.

Now you know all the benefits of lavender soap. With its robust, flowering scent and strong anti-bacterial properties, it's one of the best soaps you can buy. But when you take into account all the healing properties, and the fact that it promotes relaxation and stress-relief, everyone should use some type of lavender soap in their home. Not only will it bring a sense of peace, but it will make your house smell fantastic.

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