Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Many Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

The versatile Lavender with its light floral soothing scent is one of the most beloved and used aromatics in the world today. Its seems that you can find just about anything with a hint of lavender added to the ingredient list, this is due to the fact that most individuals find it to be a very pleasing and appealing scent. In the aromatherapy world it is considered a must because it is considered to be easy to use and is the most useful.

Lavender essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the fresh flowering tops of the Lavandula augustifolia plant and list of therapeutic uses is indeed vast. We will however discuss a few applications to get you started.

1. Lavender essential oil is considered a must have for various skin ailments including acne, dermatitis, rashes, sunburn, eczema and psoriasis. One of the many benefits of this oil is that is it one of the few that can be applied neat, therefore to use on skin issues simply apply a few drops to a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply directly to affected area. This application also works well in treating bee or wasp stings.

2. Lavender essential oil is believed to promote hair growth. To use mix two or three drops of the oil to your favorite unscented leave on conditioner and massage into your scalp.

3. If you are suffering from a bout with the flu try adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil to your diffuser or use a steam inhalation to alleviate symptoms.

4. Adding a satchel to a closet or drawer has been done for years however adding a couple of drops to a cotton ball and placing in a strategic position will not only provide a wonderful scent but will also keep moths away from your clothes or linens.

5. Massage a couple of drops directly into your temples, or make a cold or hot compress for your head if you are suffering from a headache or migraine.

6. Lavender essential oil is also believed to help relieve insomnia and can be used as a sleep aid. There are several different applications that can be implemented including using a diffuser with three drops of oil or adding a few drops to a cotton ball or cloth and placing it into your pillow case. Another application that can be utilized is adding eight drops of oil to your bath water. It is also said that adding Lavender essential oil to your bath can also guard against nightmares.

The applications mentioned above can also be used to alleviate anxiety, depression, nervous tension or stress and to balance mood swings.

7. For respiratory issues including asthma, bronchitis, and hay fever use two or three drops in a diffuser or as a steam inhalation. Other options are to use in a bath or by adding several drops to a carrier oil and massaging directly onto the chest. A hybrid of Lavender known as Lavandin is also a great choice for respiratory issues as it has very similar benefits but is considered to be more penetrating.

8. If you experience problems with Premenstrual Symptoms or irregular menstruation then try massaging your abdominal area with a mixture of five drops of Lavender essential oil and one ounce of your favorite carrier oil.

Lavender essential oil is a wonderfully easy oil to use. It can be used neat and also mixes well with all of your other aromatherapy oils. As a beginner it is a great essential oil to start with because it can safely be used and experimented with.

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