Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lavender Pillows

Research in England has discovered that lavender is a very effective means for calming and relaxing a person. Hence, it is now used in various forms to induce sleep.

Today, lavender pillows are gaining popularity throughout the globe, as they help one experience and enjoy a sound sleep. These pillows are filled with lavender, either in the form of dried flowers or other natural seeds and fibers in order to give a taste of true comfort. The advantages of these pillows have also been scientifically proven. It is believed that, owing to the ability of lavender to pacify the nervous system, these lavender pillows give a deep sense of relaxation, too, by reducing eye strain and headaches. Other noticeable effects were a decrease in stress and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Lavender pillows are made of different materials, such as cotton, muslin or silk. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They also come in the form of eye-pillows that can be heated and kept on the eyes to provide relaxation. The fragrance of lavender helps in revitalizing tired eyes. It is very useful in providing a small power nap after long hours of sitting in front of the computer. It also helps with sinus problems or headaches.

The benefits of owning a lavender pillow are innumerous, and cause no harm to the health of a person. They come with no disadvantages except that it can be a little difficult to find them in shops. They can also be a little expensive. However, for a lifetime of comfort, this is a very small price to pay!

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