Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dried Lavender Crafts

Many lavender crafts can be made using dried lavender buds which hold their aroma for many months. A slight touch of the lavender will cause it to release its aroma time and time again. Because of this property, dried lavender is a wonderful material for making crafts that can be enjoyed for a long time. If you have dried lavender left from last season's harvest, or you simply purchase some dried lavender buds, you can start with some of these easy projects.

Lavender Sachet - A sachet is a simple way to add that sweet lavender aroma to a drawer, closet or room. There are many creative possibilities when it comes to making a lavender sachet. The easiest sachet could be simply putting lavender buds into a decorative stationary envelope. Use a pin to poke some holes in the back of the envelope to allow the smell to escape. Another alternative is to use a computer printer to print a pattern or image on a plain sheet of paper, then fold it into an envelope that will contain the lavender buds.

If your craft skills include sewing, you can make your own lavender sachet using organza material. Sew the material into a pouch to hold your lavender buds and tie it closed with a ribbon. Another option is to cut a long strip of material that is about 4 inches (10 - 11 cm) wide, fold it in half along the length, place lavender buds in between the folds as you sew it into 2 inch X 2 inch (5 cm X 5 cm) squares. This will result in a sachet that is as long as you want and will work well when hanging near a window to allow the fresh breeze to spread the lavender aroma around the room.

Dried Lavender Flower Arrangement - Often lavender stalks are bundled together and dried with the buds still attached. Dried lavender bundles are a great addition when creating a dried floral arrangement. Many beautiful dried grasses and plants are available in craft stores or in nature. Arrange these in a vase along with your dried lavender bundles and you can create an attractive and aromatic table centerpiece or shelf decoration. Dried lavender flowers are lovely by themselves and add a country charm to a bathroom or kitchen. Place them on a window sill or hang them out of the way near a cabinet or in a corner and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is created as the scent fills the room.

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