Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lavender Is It Hype Or Facts?

Where can you find lavender? Is it realy a stress releaver? What can lavender do for you? Well I hope to answe these questions and more.

Lavender is the most popular scent amoung women today,it seems that with ever passing day more and, more women become inhanced by this fabulous scent.Lavender is found in so many things such as , bath soap,lotion,bath salt,foot scrub, and the list goes on and on. I will get into more of what lavender can do a little later! If this was something I had known I would have used this years ago.I was introduced to my by my web master,who happens to be a huge fan of this.I then decided to not only try it but to carry it in my store.It happens to be the scent I use the most at Tnj's.It really is that good!

This great product has so many different was to use and,is one of the very few oils that can be used without being deluted!

lavender can also be used to cure things as well and build up your immune system such as: burns,acne,psorisis,stress,dermitits,oily skin and, so much more.. you can also use this straight from the bottle to heal acne and other things which I fing very interesting.. I say why spend all that money for acne problems with out trying lavender first it can't hurt to try and could save you alot of money and time with doctor appointment.Of course if you think or know you are allergic to lavender we do not recommend your trying it!

It is amazine that something that comes in seeds and, can be grown in your garden can be so very healthy for you body.. It is even edible which is unbeleaveable the things one little plant can produce.Although lavender is non toxic we do we ask that you becareful during yearly months of pregnancy.We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of the great flower but still want to keep our customers safe at the same time,After all your welfare is in our best intrest..

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