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How Lavender Got Into Your Body Wash

Lavender, a small popular flower that is found throughout the world and is known for its fragrant aroma and various uses, is actually steeped in history and is more than just an interesting little plant. The oldest records of lavender use date back to ancient times and there are records of its use in historical Syria, Egypt, and Israel, as well as many other corners of the Middle East. In biblical times, lavender was noted as a "holy herb" and its use in the ancient Israelite Temple is well documented and even mentioned in the Old Testament.

In ancient Greece, lavender was also known as Nard, named after the Syrian town from which it had been introduced and in the Rome of the Caesars, lavender was an expensive and greatly prized commodity that could be afforded only by the wealthy elite. Most often found in the Roman bathhouses, where it was used at first simply to scent the water, lavender eventually came to be associated with bathing and cleaning the skin in general and it was here, most likely, that the first ever Lavender Body Wash was born.

Today, lavender can be found in a whole host of bath and beauty product with soaps, face scrubs and cleaners, and shampoos being among the most popular. This trend is not just owing to the fact that lavender packs a deliciously fruity and flowery fragrance but also because of the plant's storied medicinal purposes as well. Most notably, the oils or extract produced by the plant is said to have antiseptic as well as healing properties and according to some, when diluted with water and witch hazel, lavender oil can even be an effective acne treatment. Of course, this same essential oil is the active ingredient in many bottles of shampoo, soap, and Lavender Body Wash and is responsible for the refreshingly cool or mildly tingly sensation some feel when using lavender products.

As far as how Lavender Body Wash is used, most find it the perfect accompaniment for a sponge or loufa. Often times used while bathing or showering, this combination can make for an amazingly refreshing shower or bath or even an all out exfoliation session. When using body wash always remember that a little goes a long way, requiring just a dollop to get a good lather, which helps ensure that you get the most out of every bottle - especially during these tough economic times.

As you can see, lavender has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Once a treat enjoyed only by the wealthiest of wealthy, we know find lavender in our homes in the form of Lavender Body Wash or scented candles and hand soaps. We come across lavender so often, in fact, that we take it for granted. The next time you wash your hands, and smell that familiar fragrance, imagine how different your life might be without it. Perhaps then you will find a great appreciation for this most interesting, yet humble, flower.

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