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Lovely Lavender Wedding Details

Lavender is a lovely and soothing color. It combines well with other colors to create interesting wedding color palettes, and it also stands well on its own. These are some inspiring tips for using lavender details in your wedding.

Lavender is a pale purple with a cool blue undertone, just like the flowering herb of the same name. The fragrance of lavender is known for its soothing quality, and the color is equally relaxing. Who couldn't use something to help them relax at their wedding? Paired with white, lavender is fresh and simple, but you can also create some great effects using it with an accent color. For a spring wedding, add touches of buttercream yellow to your signature hue. Brown gives lavender depth and elegance, and for a crisp wedding palette, navy and lavender look terrific together.

Certainly the first place to use lavender in your wedding is the bouquets and centerpieces. The relaxing aroma of lavender will be heavenly in the bride and bridesmaids' bouquets. Many other flowers work wonderfully with lavender. Romantic sweetpeas and pretty lisyanthus come in wonderful shades of lavender, and there are some unbelievable silvery-lavender roses available. For a rich monochromatic effect, pair lavender with deep velvety purples, or mix in contrasting colors, such as yellow or even red.

The bridesmaid dresses will look beautiful in lavender. It is an easy color to wear, as it is flattering to most skin tones. For a summer afternoon wedding, nothing would be prettier than a lavender organza dress tied with a navy sash. This is a particularly nice look by the water. The bridesmaid jewelry can be handcrafted from pale lavender crystals and classic white pearls. The soft and feminine color combination makes a perfect bridesmaid jewelry gift, as it can easily be paired with everything from a little black dress to denim after the wedding.

A color as pretty as lavender works wonderfully for a wedding cake. If you love an old-fashioned look, choose a lavender buttercream cake with little violets made from sugar. For a more contemporary wedding cake, you can create a bold chocolate brown stripe on a lavender fondant base. A very elegant design would be a bold damask pattern in lavender and navy, perhaps with metallic accents. The fun thing about the wedding cake is that you can really let your creative side take over.

Sprigs and bunches of lavender will cast a dreamy scent over your wedding. Large bunches of lavender can be tied with a wide satin ribbon and hung on the church doors to greet your guests. A small sprig of lavender is a pretty and aromatic accent to tie on the favor boxes or to use as a decoration on the napkins. Unlike some heavier scents, a touch of lavender is fine to use near food, and in fact, is even an ingredient in the classic French seasoning herbs de Provence.

The color lavender will be a lovely addition to your reception d├ęcor. If too much purple is a concern, just use touches of your signature hue to add character to your venue. Basic white chair covers can be dressed up with wide lavender sashes. Pretty lavender specialty cocktails make a festive addition to the cocktail hour. And don't forget to have your monogram cast in lavender light onto the dance floor for your first dance!

Lavender is a terrific wedding color. It is not too trendy, it pairs well with more masculine colors, and it looks great at any time of the year. With all of these things to recommend lavender, it is no surprise that it is one of the most versatile wedding colors around.

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