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Make Your Own Perfume - Easy Methods For You

Making your own perfume is really very easy. Not only does it save you money on expensive shop bought perfumes but it is a very satisfying activity. You can get hours of pleasure out of blending your own perfumes at home. Home made perfumes make ideal presents. Your friends and family will be delighted to have a truely unique perfume that you have made with love and care.

The equipment you need is very simple. You will need some glass bowls that you can cover, some clean jars with lids and some bottles for the finished perfume. The reason you use glass is that it will not react with the essential oils. Plastics tend to react with these oils. This can contaminate the perfume. Each batch of perfume needs a completely clean container.

A funnel for filling bottles is useful. Some muslin or coffee filter paper for straining infusions that you have made from plants will come in handy. You may also like to get a small pipette. This is a glass tube with an air bulb on the end. It is used for taking small quantities of liquid such as essential oils to add to your perfume mixture.

The best kind of containers to store home made perfume in are dark glass bottles. It is important to protect the essential oils from light which causes them to detriorate. You can use clear glass bottles if you keep them out of the light. Put the bottle in a box or stick on a label that covers the glass. Decorating and presenting the perfume that you have made at home is all part of the fun.

Recycle old perfume bottles, Most of the cost of the perfume you buy goes into the packaging so it is a shame to waste it. Or buy some pretty antique bottles with glass stoppers when you want to give the perfume you have made at home as a present.

The vital ingredients you will need to make perfume at home are essential oils which can be bought at health food shops and specialist retailers. There are many suppliers on line if you do not have a local source.

Essential oils can also be extracted at home by soaking plant material such as flowers, twigs, leaves, seeds and berries in alcohol. Vodka is the best source of alcohol for perfume making because it is guaranteed to be safe for human consumption. Industrial alcohol is not a good idea.

Carrier oils are useful for making perfumed oils. Any vegetable oil will do, but some are too sticky to make good body oil. Olive oil is fine if you have time to let it soak in but almond is perhaps the best because it is light and easily absorbed.

Lavender always make a good base for a blend of perfume. You can buy ready made essential lavender oil or make your own by soaking lavender in vodka. If you grow your own lavender it can become the distinctive appeal of your own perfume. It is something that you have made from start to finish. The perfume you have made at home can be another way of enjoying gardening. When you give that perfume you have made with your own lavender you are giving your friends a real gift of love.

Add other essential oils to the lavender to create different effects. You will find many recipes in books and on the internet for blending perfumes or you can follow your own nose. It's all a matter of your own prefernces when you make perfume at home.

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