Monday, April 13, 2009

Enjoying Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils taken from organically grown plants and are a pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade oil that is also excellent for the environment because when farmers practice growing these oils the organic way it prohibit the use or chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides that leave damaging deposits in the soil, air and water supply. The organic essential oils are mainly used in aromatherapy, bath salts and similar products. Many organic essential oils are designed for "over-the-counter" sale in retail shops which you can purchase them at places like health-food stores, healing centers, spas, pharmacies and drug stores. Some of my favorite organic essential oils are lavender, rosewood, peppermint and lemon, which can be used through an inhalator, topically on your skin or put into baths for better relaxation on a stressful day.


Aromatherapy with essential oils can be very effective for both the mind and body. Many aromatherapy oils help you relax plus allow you to balance your emotions and helps you in creating a more positive atmosphere and attitude towards life. It can help in reducing the emotional issues that many people experience with weight gain and certain scents have been shown to help curb your appetite. Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, give you more energy, and help alleviate migraine headaches triggers, as well as improve your complexion and treat skin irritations. Rosewood essential oil has a unique place because the chemicals constituents up to 95 percent of just one ingredient , which is linalool and is considered very mild, soothing alcohol, with strong anti-microbial properties for skin bacteria issues.


Lavender essential oil is probably the most well known and most used oil. Lavender also has a profound affect on the mental and emotional state of people and with low doses acts as a sedative, but higher doses are very stimulating for some people. Lavender oil can help relieve insect stings or bites and stimulates white blood cell formation, which strengthens the body's natural immune system and makes it effective for preventing flu and colds. Bergamot is also very good, when blended with tea tree oil and lavender for suppressing the development of cold sores and shingles or chicken pox. It is also sometimes used for treating headaches mixed with other oils like lavender and peppermint.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Several essential oils listed below are genuine therapeutic grade essential oils, grown on organic farms or ethically and sustainably gathered from wild plants. Therapeutic grade essential oils provide health enhancing benefits via inhalation and absorption into the skin. Some common uses of therapeutic quality, organic essential oils are: Diffuse into the air using an aroma lamp or diffuser, but if you don't have either of these things you can just use a bowl of warm water. Most of the essential oils in general are specifically used for flavoring foods and to help in the perfume industries, but be careful because these are not considered organic therapeutic oils. Some other therapeutic properties are basil which helps with calming an upset stomach and also has a mild anti-spasmodic for muscles, making it great for massages. Eucalyptus is considered by most aroma therapists to be the best choice for most therapeutic uses, as it is milder than most and even safe for children to use. Nutmeg essential oil is another one that is considered spice oils which grows in the tropics and has a strong spicy fragrance, and its therapeutic properties include a strong attraction with the digestive system, including a digestive stimulant for nausea, and to help with the assimilation of food. Rose essential oil is in my opinion the number one oil for balance, including emotional balance and also physical balance, but also helps the nervous system and the female reproductive system.

You should only use the finest organic essential oils like peppermint which is invigorating; lavender used for soothing and calming; lime and orange being citrus are stimulants for the senses. Pure, Organic Essential Oils are a remarkable, energizing and health promoting supplements, which provides better therapeutic healing.

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