Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Is Aromatherapy and What Are its Uses?

Aromatherapy is a booming business in the spa industry. Not only do Hollywood stars use such products, but as natural products are gaining popularity, people are learning more about the ancient art of relaxation. Aromatherapy is also another form of alternative medicine, as it makes use of plants and transforms them into essential oils. Many may think that aromatherapy is only focused on one's mental well being, but it has in fact scientific proof of curing physical ailments. This is due to the fact that essential oils which are used in aromatherapy have unique qualities, and can be used in various ways.

There are many kinds of essential oils used for aromatherapy treatments, such as bergamot which helps control turbulent emotions and helps ease up the anxiety of a person. It is also good for curing viral or bacterial diseases found on the mouth. For uneasy nervous systems, bergamot is also the cure.

Sage also helps balance out one's emotions, as it helps make one feel relaxed and cures insomnia, which affects almost everyone today. Sage is also a good de-stressor as it easily sooths one who feels disturbed, and can help free one from depression. Sage is useful in removing bad odor and can also act as an antiseptic. It also helps enhance libido, as it acts as an aphrodisiac.

Eucalyptus helps one stay alert without chemicals or medicines. Concentration is heightened by this essential oil, and it also helps ease back pain and diarrhea.

One of the most popular and widely used essential oil is lavender, as it can be used in numerous ways. Not only does the lavender essential oil smell good, but it also has medicinal properties that are very useful. Lavender can help cure insomnia, as it has very strong calming properties. Hypertension is also easily relieved by lavender, along with anxiety and depression. Digestion is improved as stomach aches and cramps are avoided, and a lot of issues that are specifically female-oriented are cured by lavender. Inexpensive, wonderful to smell, easy to apply and the most versatile of all the essential oils used in aromatherapy, lavender oil is quite a blessing to mankind.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils for the purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation, in many forms including baths and massages. Aromatherapy oils are pure extracts or essences of the plants of which they are derived from, so the medicinal purposes of the plants are retained in the oil.

It is quite important for one to remember that there is a fine line between perfume oil used for fragrances and essential oils used for aromatherapy. Fragrances and perfumes do not have the same qualities of therapeutic essential oils, as the composition of perfume oils are based on chemicals, not plants. These chemicals are not natural thus they do not have the same medicinal qualities that aromatherapy oils offer.

Aside from the medicinal qualities of therapeutic oils, they are also great ingredients for skin care products, as these wonderful oils can help balance skin tone and promote skin health.

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