Friday, January 30, 2009

Benefits of Surprisingly Familiar Essential Oils

Do you ever get overwhelmed when shopping for essential oils or massage oils? There is such a vast array of choices all claiming incredible health benefits or suggesting emotional benefits. The whole experience can be enough to turn off even the most enthusiastic shopper.

What many do not realize is that there are equal, if not more, benefits in familiar essential oils than in the more exotic ones. Essential oils from sources as commonplace as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are effective in relieving aching joints, sore muscles, and cold symptoms.

Lemon reminds us of lemonade or lemon chicken. Lemon massage oil makes an excellent formula for relief of aching joints. Grapefruit is to some a healthy breakfast and to others a bitter fruit juice reminiscent of the grapefruit diet in the 80’s. Grapefruit massage oil can relieve cold/flu symptoms when rubbed in upward strokes on the throat area. Oranges give us orange juice. Orange essential oil can be mixed with water to create an effective disinfectant spray. Rosemary has a distinctive piney scent associated with rosemary potatoes or a common herb found in many kitchens. Because of its stimulating properties, rosemary massage oil can be used to promote hair growth when rubbed vigorously into the scalp. Lavender is associated with relaxation: a few drops of the essential oil sprinkled under your pillowcase can help if you have problems falling asleep. Lavender is also used as an antiseptic- great for blemishes and burns.

Essential oils are potent because they are the concentrated essence of the plant, root, or flower. With the exception of lavender and tea tree, essential oils should be diluted in carrier oil before applied topically because they are so potent they can burn the skin if applied directly. Essential oils in a carrier oil (an oil mixed with essential oil for topical application) at a 2.5% - 3% dilution are a safe yet effective choice.

Author, Pace Webb resides in California where she practices a happy and healthy lifestyle by working with her essential oils, gardening and cooking delicious nutritious meals. Pace is the President of ReSolution Spa, an online retail boutique, specializing in organic essential and massage oils.

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