Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three Fresh Ways With Essential Oils

Have you ever thought of how often you vacuum your home?
It’s wonderful that modern vacuum cleaners have good efficient filters and often two or more!
They should of course be kept as clean as possible, preferably every time the cleaner is emptied.
They are excellent for trapping the smaller dust particles while cleaning but have you thought of using a few drops of your favourite pure essential oil dripped onto the filter.
Two or three drops of lemon myrtle, lavender or pine can leave a wonderful aroma around your home, not to mention the benefit of enjoying the fragrance while doing your chores.

Why not add one or two drops of pure essential oils to your washing powder to leave their wonderful scent on your clothes.
Another possible method is to drip a couple of drops of pure essential oil onto a piece of cloth and adding to your laundry in the tumble dryer.
Favourite essential oils of mine would have to be lavender, lemon myrtle or eucalyptus.

Motherhood can be a wonderful experience, especially the joy of bonding during the final evening feed whether by bottle feeding or breast feeding.
We have to be mindful that pure essential oils are very potent and should not be allowed onto the skins of either breast feeding mothers or babies.
That is not to say that the use of aromatherapy has to be completely avoided at this time.
In fact there can be wonderful positive benefits to be had if used with caution.
A couple of drops of chamomile, lavender or a mixture of both dripped onto a tissue or piece of cloth in the bedroom or nursery (out of reach of children) can have a wonderful calming affect on both mothers and babies to unwind, relax and enhance the bonding experience of mother and child.

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