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The Uses Of Lavender For Your Beauty Regimen

Lavender is a very popular herb but some people – especially those who are not into this
herbal thing and aromatherapy, do not know as to what extent it can do. But if you want
to use herbs in your beauty regimen, then knowing more about lavender may just be your
first good step because it is versatile, and has a lot of potentials that have been used
by people for many centuries.

Lavender is a tiny evergreen shrub that grows well in temperate areas and in many
countries around the world, mostly in Mediterranean countries. It produces tiny pink,
white, or pale blue flowers and can grown in very high altitudes. It came from the Latin
word “lavare” which means “to wash”.

There are many varieties of lavender. The most common is Lavandula anguistifolia or
officinalis, while the others are Lavandula stoechas, Lavandula dentate and Lavandula
multifida. Lavender has a long history that dates back to the time of the Roman Empire,
when it was used by Romans during bath rituals. It was also often used by herbalists for
insect bites and to repel insects. Its insect repelling properties were useful during The
Plague, when lavender was used to repel fleas. Associated with feminity, it quickly
became popular among the royalties, especially with Queen Victoria for its calming

Up to this day lavender proves to be versatile that does a lot of in so many areas of
health. As far as beauty is concerned, lavender oil can be used, along with olive oil and
other essential oils, to treat acne. It is also used to prevent hair loss. Pour 3-6 drops
of lavender oil in water when bathing. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic
characteristics, it can control blemishes, treat insect bites, burns and skin
inflammations. A favorite among aromatherapists, lavender is often used in soap making,
candle making and perfumery. It is used for massage, foot care, and as a hair rinse to
clean the scalp and gives it a nice fragrance. It is used to make potpourris, salt baths,
balms, lotions, salves and creams. The reason for this could lie in its herbaceous, yet
floral scent – elegant, feminine, relaxing, calming, and soothing. Its scent invokes
relaxation and peacefulness – calming for some to fall asleep. When used along with
chamomile to make a sachet, it can be placed under a pillow to ward off insomnia.

Do you know that aside from using lavender in your beauty regimen, it can also serve as a
mood booster as well? This was proven by two separate studies done by researchers from
University of Miami in the US and the University of Northumbria in the UK. In the US
study, participants who were given lavender felt much better and were less depressed. The
same result was reached by the other researchers from the University of Northumbria.

Being an adaptogen, lavender can also eliminate stress and irritability. So if you are
stressed, inhaling some lavender might be your answer.

While there are many more uses this herb has, I have only mentioned those in the beauty
aspect and will mention more in another article.

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