Sunday, October 5, 2008

Your Wedding Ceremony - Lavender Signifies Loyalty in Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

The scent of Lavender is pungent and beautiful. It is a sturdy plant, spiky and elegant. Its silvery leaves add a wonderful contrast in gardens where much of the foliage is dark green. Lavender offers a variety of meanings to a wedding ceremony and a marriage in the language of herbs and flowers.

  • Lavender signifies loyalty. Loyalty in marriage says I have chosen you. I will remember your wonderful qualities when times are difficult and I will speak lovingly and respectfully about you.
  • Lavender is a healing herb: it is soothing. It is calming. I don't believe there's a marriage around that wouldn't profit from calming, healing energy.
  • Lavender is purifying: Lavender water was used as an antiseptic. It is included in burning sticks for smudge ceremonies.
  • Lavender repels bugs. No one talks about this in marriage! But we need things to chase the demons away. Things that creep into each of us and our relationship.

So carry Lavender proudly at your wedding. Put it in your bouquet or carry a sachet made up of herbs that can be inserted into a pocket. Put bowls of potpourri on your tables at the reception or offer tiny sachets to the guests as favors. In your wedding vows, commit to being a loyal and faithful spouse and then keep that promise throughout your marriage. Do it even when it is difficult. And if you need support, slip a sachet into your pocket and remember what love and loyalty smelled like when you married your beloved a long time ago.

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