Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lavender Essential Oil for Relaxation and to Heal Skin Problems

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a sweet and floral scent that is not only pleasant to smell, it has many important therapeutic qualities for your health. You have to make sure you are buying a pure, medicinal-grade lavender, or you will be getting additives that don’t have any benefits other than the scent. One sure way to make sure you are getting a high-quality lavender essential oil is to check the back of the bottle – if it has a caloric value then it is safe to ingest, and therefore pure. Many of the oils on the market in health food stores do not have the caloric value, and you can’t ingest it.

My favorite way to enjoy lavender oil and its benefits is by diffusing it into the air. Investing in a diffuser has many benefits, as the lavender oil is suspended in the air in your home and is absorbed through your nose directly to your brain and cells. It will help you relax and sleep deeply.

If you don’t own a diffuser, you can rub lavender oil on your feet for the calming effect. Within 20 minutes it will be present in every cell in your body! If you don’t want it on your body, you can put a few drops on your pillow next to your nose.

To stop the itching and swelling of a bee sting, put a drop of lavender oil on the sting directly. It will start feeling better immediately. You can put lavender oil on a cut to help assist in stopping bleeding. Lavender oil can assist with chapped or sunburned lips, scar tissue, cold sores, sunburns, open wounds, dandruff, and rashes.

Lavender oil can decrease the pain of minor burns, if you apply 2-4 drops of the oil to the affected area.

Do you have eczema or dermatitis? You know how difficult it is to rid yourself of unsightly eczema… use your lavender oil! Use a V-6 vegetable mixing oil with a few drops of the lavender oil and apply directly to the eczema.

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