Friday, October 21, 2011

Beijing Lavender Garden: The Most Hot Tourist Destination In This Hot Summer


If you have no chance to get to Provence of France, the “Zihaixiangdi Art garden” in Miyun, Beijing is a good alternative.


The viewing time of the lavender flowers is longer than that of Provence, lasting from May to November.


However, in July and August the purple flowers are at their most beautiful.

Over 200 species of precious vanilla flowers are planted in the art garden, including 20 species of lavender flowers.


The mixed aroma attracts visitors to the gate of the garden. But lavender catches the eye as well as arresting the other senses. Thousands of square kilometers of purple flowers waving in the wind, sending forth a waft of their sweet fragrance.

beautiful house

It could be the most romantic thing, to see an endless purple blanket blooming in front of you.
European garden

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