Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can Lavender Bags Also Be Handbags?

If you are looking for a new handbag, a new bag to take to yoga class or you need an overnight bag for those three day long business trips, you should consider one of the new lavender bags that have recently hit the shelves. Lavender has long been known as a flower that has soothing properties, and the color invokes those same emotions. With lavender colored clothes hitting store shelves and becoming popular, it only makes sense that lavender bags would follow. The key to adding this type of accessory to your wardrobe, however, is to choose the perfect bag for you.

Any Size

The great thing about bags is that you can get any size you need if you know where to shop. The good news is that most manufacturers of lavender bags make any sized bag you need. If you need a tote bag to take to the grocery store each week, you can find that type of bag. If you need a laundry bag, a bag to take to class or a bag to take across country, you'll be covered. But once you have the size down, you must then choose your color and your style.


You may be thinking, "But these bags are lavender. I already know what color they are." While it is true that these are the color of lavender, there are many shades the bags come in. You can find dark shades and lighter shades and every shade in between. You may find that you look better with dark colors than light, and so your choice would be clear. If you're not sure what color to choose, just go somewhere in the middle so that you get the best of both worlds. A neutral lavender color will have the benefit of setting off both light and dark colors, so bags like that will go with anything.

When you're carrying your books, unloading your groceries or putting on your makeup in the morning, you want to know that you're doing it in style with a new and stylish lavender bag.


You next have to choose what style you want. The style will usually be associated with the fabric the bag is made out of. For instance a straw bag is going to have a style all its own, but the style could also involve the color and shape of the bag. If you aren't exactly sure what you want, just peruse through the various selections you find in the stores near your home and online.

With lavender bags being so hot right now, you will surely find many bags that will help you get the size, color and style you need to match what you're looking for. Whether it's for a night on the town or it's for a five day stay in Paris, your lavender bag will keep you feeling relaxed while it also keeps your belongings safe and secure. So get out there and start shopping.

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