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Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Lavender Blends - Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is one of the most utilized oils in Aromatherapy. Its calming effect is well documented and it is used in a wide variety of products, from perfumes and deodorants to mosquito repellents and aftersun lotions. Its uses as an essential oil vary from treatments for restlessness and anxiety through to treatment for burns and insect stings. Whatever use you put lavender oil to, the scent of Lavender Oil is unmistakable. And here at Lavender Oil & Co you can find several different types of Lavender Essential Oil, as well as many other complimentary products that are good for the body, soul and mind.

As well as having many uses, Lavender Oil also comes in many different varieties. These varieties have different scents and properties. English grown lavender tends to be "woodier" in scent than its French counterpart whilst Bulgarian lavender has a sweeter aroma. Bulgaria is the biggest exporter of lavender in Europe, possibly in the world. It is often mis-sold as French Lavender. English organically grown and distilled Lavender is widely regarded as the best in the world and is commonly used in cooking and for culinary purposes.

Lavender has been appreciated for centuries. It is documented in works over 2500 years old and even mentioned in the Bible. There are many myths associated with Lavender. Placing a sprig of lavender in a lovers shoe would stop them from straying for example. During the plague Lavender was used to anoint ones clothing to repel the sickness. This could be in part true as Lavender Oil is a natural insect repellent and could have kept away the fleas that spread the illness. In modern times it is often use

As you can probably tell, we love lavender. In fact we love all of our products and we are sure that you will too. None of our products have been tested on animals, and they all utilize the many and varied wonderful plants that our planet has given us. We pride ourselves on using products that are as close as possible to their rawest form. Just as nature intended. Lavender oil, has long been used in the production of perfume, can also be used in Aromatherapy Oils. The scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxieties. Kashmir Lavender oil is also very famous as it is produced from the foothills of Himalayas.

It may also help to relieve pain from tension headache when breathed in as vapor or diluted and rubbed on the skin. When added to a vaporizer, lavender oil may aid in the treatment of cough and respiratory infection.

Lavender oil & co manufactures these herbal oils that may also be used as a mosquito repellent when worn as perfume or when added to lotions or hair products.

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