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Growing Lavender Plant Varieties in the Finest Conditions and How to Use Them

Growing lavender plants is a very simple process. They are a very well adapt plant and can survive in many conditions. Even though the plant did originate from the warmer climate of the Mediterranean. Lavender will require well drained soil with a warm climate and in full sun. It is a very hardy plant as it does survive well in rocky soil. One element to keep at bay is not to water your plant too much. Try and keep the soil moist but do not over water as this will cause root rot.

Plants that are set in the ground during the summer will bloom in early spring so a harvest must be taken to produce more flowers for the summer. There are many different types of lavender and some have different sizes. Some stems on some lavender will grow to higher than twelve inches while others are small and compact at two to three inches. Lavender doesn't just come in purple either, you can get it in blue, pink or white.

When you harvest the flowers in the spring cut long stemmed lavender to one third of its height. The short stemmed lavender can be cut all the way down to new growth. After winter you may see an area in your lavender plant that is brown but do not cut it back until the middle or end of June. It just might start to sprout by then. Cut flowers whenever you need them and also cut the plant back in order to retain shape. Do this at the end of the spring season and again in August. This will give the plant time to build back energy before winter comes and covers it with snow.

You do not have to grow lavender just in the ground as it grows great in a container. People that live in a shady place can move the containers here and there to keep them in sunlight. The large roots of a lavender plant like to be contained in a small area for some reason. The pot you put a lavender plant in should only be a few inches larger than the root system itself. The pot must drain after watering so put a large amount of gravel in the base of the pot before planting. Water lavender plants only when the soil feels very dry to the touch.

Lavender comes in a variety of types and you can get some that will endure a major winter blast. There is lavender with tall stems and some with short and some lavender types are more known for the lovely smell of the flowers. If you have a project to make wreaths get a type that has big flowers. If you want to make something that smells good get a type that is popular because of the extreme scent it gives off. If you like the look of a hedge of lavender purchase plants that are fast growers. Take a good look at where you live and grow lavender plant types that are right for your climate. There are so many types you will be able to find just the right one for you.

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